Hello, you divine, multidimensional woman.

All of you is so welcome here

You are so welcome here

My journey, like most multi-faceted women’s, has been far from linear. 

I hope you can breathe easy here. Whatever curiosity or pain brought you here, I invite you to notice how your body feels as you read my words. That’s how you’ll know if you’re in the right place. 

Coach, breathworker and somatic healing guide for women who want to access unconditional self-love, bold body confidence and expansive pleasure.

I'm Sarah Olivia,

We live in a masculine world, a world of thinking and doing with very little space for being and feeling.

Through my own journey and through watching the journeys of the hundreds of women I have coached or held space for over the past six years, I have seen the common threads in our stories that reemerge again and again: unworthiness, deep-internalised criticism of our bodies, being disconnected from our wild essential selves and out of sync with our sacred cycle and hormones, lacking pleasure, desire and creativity.

Nourish all of yourself   //   Feel all of yourself   //   Accept all of yourself   //    Express all of yourself   //   Love all of yourself   //   NOURISH ALL OF YOURSELF   //   FEEL ALL OF YOURSELF   //   ACCEPT ALL OF YOURSELF   //   EXPRESS ALL OF YOURSELF   //   LOVE ALL OF YOURSELF  //  NOURISH ALL OF YOURSELF   //   FEEL ALL OF YOURSELF   //  ACCEPT ALL OF YOURSELF   //   EXPRESS ALL OF YOURSELF    //   LOVE ALL OF YOURSELF   //   NOURISH ALL OF YOURSELF   //   FEEL ALL OF YOURSELF   //   ACCEPT ALL OF YOURSELF   //   EXPRESS ALL OF YOURSELF   //   LOVE ALL OF YOURSELF

Returning home to our bodies, to deep self-acceptance, radical self-love and a capacity for so much more joy and pleasure on every level is, I believe, one of the most transformative and life-altering journeys we can embark on.

Our innate, divine feminine power (you may call it flow, intuition, creativity) can become so suffocated and numb we barely remember it.

feminine power


Walking alongside you and holding space for you on this journey

I am trained in holistic wellbeing coaching, women’s hormonal health and breathwork healing. I have focused my learning and practice on the relationship with the body (body image, intuitive eating) and how we can access and activate the womb’s wisdom and more expansive planes of pleasure and sensuality. 


- Candice W.

"To anyone thinking of investing in their health and their life in general I would highly recommend Sarah. Sarah is a Multi Talent and has helped me to manage the chaos, work with my health issues and create a wonderful life concept. The program has gone so fast and changed so much at an easy pace. Sarah will take you step by step to develop the areas of your life that need development."

- Tamala S.

"I highly recommend working with Sarah. She is very patient and understanding and takes what you say seriously. She will hold your hand through many issues and provide gentle guidance when needed. Do not be fooled by the young and glowing exterior as a lack of life experience...she is sensible and wise beyond her years!"

- Ela H.

"Sarah is a gem! She helped me understand how to put all my infos about healthy eating into action. What I loved most is that we worked with achievable goals. That made the process manageable and kept me motivated throughout. I highly recommend working with Sarah, especially if you feel like your body and health is your most valuable possession or want to get there. She will make you glow from the inside out."

- Vicky B.

"Working with Sarah is life changing. I originally wanted someone to help me stick to a healthier diet and ended up re-vamping my life. With her help, I've managed to dramatically reduce the amount of alcohol I drink (and still have just as much fun). I've overcome insomnia which ld suffered from for years, given up the contraceptive pill and improved my digestive health. I've learned to eat mindfully with control over my diet rather than food controlling me and am starting to make progress in limiting my phone obsession. If you want to have more self- awareness, improve your health, happiness and peace of mind I highly recommend working with her.

- Kathi J.

“Before starting to work with you and the group nearly every decision around food and exercise was driven by indoctrinated believes from my youth and sports I did. No carbs, no added sugar, exercise only counts if heavy and/or sweaty and had to be done daily. My goal was to break free and find myself without constantly battling myself and my body. I realised I have to work with my body not against it. 

A few days after my second baby was born I looked in the mirror and my first thought was something like “wow, there is a lot of work to be done on this belly” but just in this second I stopped myself right there and thought about all this amazing tools and love you had given me. There isn’t any work that needs to be done. I just gave birth to my second child and that is a life changing experience. My body needs time to heal and isn’t to be punished for that miracle of creating life. Ever since I never looked in the mirror again with this negative view again. It’s all about loving myself and my body, giving it the nutrition to heal and also feed little Charlotte.

Thank you so much for making the second post partum experience much more relaxed and thankful.”

Being or feeling feminine is not about how you look or present. Our feminine energy is our power, our intuition, our creative force. It feels different for everyone and can shift and morph through different seasons and cycles.


You are sacred. Your body and everything it creates and does is sacred. When you view yourself and your body in this way, everything shifts.


You are not a self improvement project. You don’t need to become someone new or keep adding to yourself. You need to release and unlearn what weighs your soul down so you can remember your wholeness and experience the fullness of being you.


We can heal through talking, learning and acting, but healing on a somatic (bodily) level is key for that growth to stick.


The deepest healing happens in and through the body.


Trauma, energetic and emotional blocks and wounds are held in the body.


Core beliefs and lessons which inform how I work

My signature 1:1 program All of You is a deeply supportive, honey-drip-slow, co-creative healing experience. It incorporates both coaching and somatic trauma release in the form of healing breath journeys.


my signature program  //  my signature program 

other ways to work with me

If you’re not ready for the commitment of a longer 1:1 experience, that’s ok. We all have the right pace and timing for our healing journeys. You can find out about other ways to work with me, including online and in person events and retreats here.

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