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If you're curious, please book a no-obligation connection call to discuss and tailor your breath journey below. If after our call you no longer wish to go ahead with the Breath Journey, you won't be charged.

The investment is €195

If there is a specific limiting belief, block or wound you need help moving past, a one off breath journey can be a great healing option.

This includes a 75 minute breath journey and a 20 minute follow up support call.

Healing Breath Journey


- Tara

"I recently had my first-ever breath work session with Sarah. I've been going through a rather stressful time the past few years as an immigrant, and I am trying hard to overcome burnout and regain my balance.

During the session the physical sensation was intense; it felt like a surge of electricity powerfully running along my arm and a massive release with my fingers tingling and my lips shaking uncontrollably. I walked out of the place feeling lighter, with a clear mind. I can't wait to continue working with Sarah to experience more and see where this powerful practice can take me."

- Daniela

"The Breath Journey with Sarah was soothing and healing for me. Sarah led me through it with her soft and calming voice and I felt held by her the whole time (even though it was online).

I can recommend the Breath Journey with Sarah to anyone who wants to take his or her inner healing to the next level."

- Zoe

"I had a wonderful experience with Sarah’s breath journey! Sarah lead our session in a calming and easy to follow way, and made sure I was comfortable and relaxed the entire time. She helped to target and relieve some of my anxiety and I felt relaxed and at ease for days after the session. Highly recommend!" 

- Linda

"It was my very first breath journey, and I was a little nervous about finding stillness. However, Sarah guided me so warmly and kindly that after just 10 minutes, I found myself simply listening to her voice and becoming completely relaxed , it allowed me to find stillness within myself and let go of any nervousness I had initially.

Through our conversations and the breath journey, Sarah unlocked hidden aspects within me that I didn't even know existed. I highly recommend giving it a try and diving a little deeper into this transformative and relaxing experience, especially for beginners like me. Sarah made it really easy for me to fell comfortable being by myself."

Join us as we bravely journey from the head back into the body, back into flow.

Ecstatic or conscious dance is a free flowing, intuitive dance practice without choreography. It's just you, the music and your movement. The music is a combination of soulful, energetic and tribal beats - you can't help but move to it.

This is the practice of learning to freely and uninhibitedly move with our bodies and with our emotions. Ecstatic dance can be a beautiful antidote to the stress and structure of our daily life. If you struggle with often feeling in a mode of doing and thinking, this is a perfect opportunity to find your way back to feeling and being.


Ecstatic Dance - The Vinyasa People, Bonn

This workshop is for mothers who want to reconnect with, rediscover and reignite their desire and learn how to create even greater levels of pleasure and connection with themselves and their partner.

Sarah is an embodiment, pleasure and self-love coach and somatic healing guide who prides herself on holding beautifully safe and brave spaces.

Let’s join together to move through shame and step powerfully into our desire.

November 26th

Rediscovering desire - flowing moms, bonn

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